Ethereal Café

Faerie • Goblet w18 p51 • Southeast Subdivision

Soft Opening: Thursday 6/10
Brunch - 10am-1pm CST
Dinner - 7pm-10pm CST

    About Us

    Welcome to Ethereal Café & Library!

    We're a small RP cafe, offering a quiet space to relax between dungeons and the bustle of Eorzea. We offer a variety of drinks, foods, services, and an open stage! If you just need a place to afk after a hard night of grinding, you are more than welcome!

    Please check out our menu, and if you have any questions feel free to ask our staff!

    Staff will be marked with the Green Looking for Party Tag.

    Please try our sister location, Lost Tavern, run by our Cedric Rousseaux.




    Battle Maid / Butler

    Hire one of our staff to be your own battle maid or butler and help you through a dungeon, raid, trial or roulette!
    Services available only during café hours.

    Daily Roulettes

    Level 15 - 5050,000G
    Level 50-59750,00G
    Level 60-79100,000G

    Trial / Dungeon

    Level 15 - 5050,000G
    Level 50-59750,00G
    Level 60-79100,000G


    Prices Pending


    Lyra Emberwyn

    FC Leader • Owner


    Lyra Emberwyn is a wealthy and wild enigma. Forming the ECafe, was a dream she held for years before the group of friends who form the core of the ECafe came together to make her dreams a reality. She's small and cute, and generous to a fault. But don't look into her non-matching eyes too closely, because she's also immensely powerful and mysterious.
    Drop by, try her sweet treats, enjoy being a part of her dreams come true. But always keep your guard up around the treasure hoarding Emberwyn.

    Fav Drink: Orange Juice
    Fav Food: Pizza

    Gale Haragin

    FC Shadow Leader • Co-Owner

    He/Him • They/Them

    Between traveling from the City States to Othard, Gale can usually be found relaxing in their room handling Ethereal Café's paperwork.
    Gale loves a challenge, and loves to engage in Triple Triad Matches in their down time. More than that, Gale is always open for good conversation, stop by say hi, and strike up an interesting and deep talk. Who knows where your conversation shall end.

    Fav Drink: Ishgardian Tea
    Fav Food: Salmon Muffin

    Sakiko Mochizuki



    A mysterious and untold history frames the beautiful Sakiko, questions about her origin and backstory follow her wherever she finds herself. But no-one who knows the lady would question her loyalty to her friends in the ECafe, working tirelessly in many facets to make her friends dreams come true. Sakiko is the heart of the party, which ever party she attends.
    Fluttering around the Free Company, Sakiko likes to involve herself in all of the café business. A weaver by trade, she can be found in her workshop fiddling with her loom when she's not at the café.

    Fav Drink: Chamomile Tea
    Fav Food: La Noscean Toast

    Cedric Rousseaux

    Bard • Head Greeter


    During a seasoned touring career, Cedric has been able to travel to every corner of Eorzea, the Far East, and everywhere in between. He's an avid map enthusiast who doesn't mind getting a bit lost every now and then, but has found himself settling into his new gig as a house bard.

    In his spare time Cedric can be found brewing up new beverages or trying not to burn the Free Company house down when sneaking after hours to use the kitchen.

    Fav Drink: Triple Crème Coffee
    Fav Food: Bacon Bread

    Reines El-mellio

    Bard • Head Greeter

    Reines is a rift traveller samurai (mostly), who came from the world of Primal. Not much else is know about her.

    Fav Drink: Steppe Tea
    Fav Food: Rock Salt

    In Loving Memory of Volin Lindel

    6.28.94 - 6.1.21

    Volin Lindel

    Co-Owner • Nuke



    Fav Drink:
    Fav Food: Coffee Biscuits

    Volin was our Black Mage, the true enemy of innocence. He helped found this free company and dreamed of the day we would get our cafe. While he did not live to see if open, he was there when we bought the house and got to see it decorated.

    Volin loved Nier, he knew all the lore of the game including 1.0, and he was a master of the market board. He might have been evil contained in the smallest body but he was so kind and loving. He was our best friend and Eli's twin.

    Volin lives on, waiting by the fire for the next duty to pop. His chocobo, Pixie, is the tiny one in the stable. She is dressed like Shiva, who Volin loved. Feel free to visit her, sit with him, or visit his room in the Free Company.

    No one truly dies, he's just in the aether waiting to come back as the next great Black Mage.